Feb 14, 2016

Napoleonic Austrians

With these 59 figures my Austrian army almost doubled in size. We have a commander in Hussar uniform, ten 3rd Uhlans, a Landwehr and a grenadier unit. I actually cheated a little because ten Landwehr and the grenadiers were completed much earlier, I just haven't based them yet.

I tried an experiment with these infantry bases: I added some stones to even out the difference in height between the plasticard and the plastic bases of the figures. I used a dark brown shade for a base color, then a wet highlight with a medium tone and a drybrush with beige.

The title of the game is Spot the Grenadier. I wanted this unit to look a bit ragged so I added some chaps with different uniforms and varied the browns on the coats too. These HäT figures were a pain in the bum to paint with enamels, but after stripping them, with a good wash and rinse and then an acrylic primer they turned out to be much easier to complete. There are some other elments of the Austrian army which only HäT supplies so it is most likely I will have to turn to them later on.

These are Zvezda Polish lancer figures, the other half was painted as Dutch-Belgians some time ago. I cut off some of the golden lace but there was no way to remove the rest without permanent damage to the figures. I deliberately used dark colors on the uniforms.

This figure is a French ADC from the Zvezda Napoleonic French HQ set, and the nature of its conversion to the "good cause" is in color only. I used the book art from Hungarian Hussars to complete the uniform.