Dec 7, 2015

Games Day Budapest 2015

This was the third such event I attended, missing only one since the starting of the blog. It is very close to my Budapest dwelling actually, only five stops by bus, so I felt obligated to visit. In the end I did not regret it, but, mainly due to little sleep, I did not feel as comfortable as last year. 
Still, it was enjoyable as usual, crowded as usual, and the variety of games differed very little from those in the past. When saying radical things such as this an educated person like myself instantaneously feels the need to blunt the edge of his opinion before a mass of enraged hard-core Games Workshop fans appear (as used to be the case in the Great Space Marine Lynching of '08), but the fact is that while it may be entertaining for some, it was not as much for me as it could have been. 

I took only five photos and one of them was not worth posting, so you can visit the official page of the show, I bet they will be sharing/posting more photos: GD Facebook

Historical games were played on five tables - two WHH, one SAGA, one FoW set in the Arab-Israeli War (one of them), and last but not least an American Civil War skirmish ran by fellow wargames blogger János and his friends. You can guess which of those the above picture illustrates.

The Battle of Iron Gates with some lovely 1/72 figures. I watched some action unfold but I saw the players immersed in the game too much to ask about details.

The Rebs take a beating in the first run of the ACW game. They had to prevent the cannon firing a number of times. Nor the cannon nor the Northern Gatling gun fired during the battle, but the defenders had enough firepower to push the greycoats back. I left the venue when the second game had begun.

The SAGA table was one of the best around in my opinion, with a multitude of buildings, ditches and this Revell ship I've long been wanting to buy but restrained myself (so far). This photo is not mine - it was made by Kovács Ádám and shared on the GD page together with his much larger collection of photos.

I spent most of the day chatting and walking around the place. I also met Máté, another blog-acquaintance. I bought only a handful of 25mm laser-cut square bases for my 6mm figures, resisting the temptation of a 70-slot paint rack sold by the same guy, and two Vallejo 0 size sable brushes. I've had bad experiences with the brand, but I'm hoping to change that. 
The shop I get most of my supplies from, Wargammers, sold their stuff outside the school building the event takes place in. I do not know the reason for this, so I would not like to comment. Anyway, I bought the brushes from them as my last heroic act. I arrived at the venue at about noon and left shortly before 3pm. A good time, all in all.


  1. Sounds like a nice show and I'm impressed at your restraint.

    1. Not bringing enough cash might have been a factor too.

  2. Thanks. This is my first time in Budapest. Looks like fun!

  3. Looks like a blast, Andras! Would you be surprised if I said the SAGA table was my favorite? Lots of long hours and hard work there.

  4. I agree with Monty - that's a great SAGA setup!

  5. Looks good. It nice to get out and just look at hobby stuff in the flesh I find as well.