Dec 3, 2015

Jazygian Armour

These "4D Model" Chinese T-72 kits have just arrived today. They are made from cheap plastic and very simple to assemble. Their quality reflects the price. On their box is an imprint of the "World of Tanks" online game logo with the W turned upside down, probably to mean Models, or alternatively, Morld of Tanks. A true representation of Chinese ingenuity. But the models are just good for what I wanted: with a wash and some weathering they could become more presentable. The most disappointing part is the tracks. They are too short and don't look like anything on the real ones.

The infantry is 8 Revell Vietcongs recriuted through the Balkans mercenary black market, posing as a Jazygian infantry section. I'm afraid the paint is flaking off because I forgot to clean the figures before priming. No amount of paint or varnish will prevent it. Probably a stripping and repainting is due. 


  1. As these are 'Imagi-Nations' forces, you can easily get away with equipment that isn't quite like the real thing. In fact I find that an advantage... Looking forward to more from this project.

    1. They're close enough to the originals and I could not expect more.