Dec 10, 2015

Mesr Wars

Veudeni saboteurs disabled the JRS Jasksgart, unfortunately creating a casus belli for Jackewline to invade frontier territories south of the main continent. The Veudeni navy enjoyed a short period of peace and levied crews for most of its southern squadrons. The Jackewlinese have the edge with modern ships, much better crews and good reconnaisance. 

The main Jackewlinese fleet consists of three battlecruisers, three battleships, one light cruiser, four destroyers and an airship.
The Veudeni fleet is at anchor inside a protected harbor but there is no land batteries to prevent an assault. They have four battleships in bad condition, and three outdated cruisers. The Jackewlinese fleet attempts to engage the enemy as soon as they can in two lines of battle while the destroyers sneak up to the mouth of the harbor.

The Jackewlinese guns do a lot of damage to the first ships sailing out to engage them.

Two Veudeni cruisers are soon sunk.

The destroyers launch torpeoes on the third cruiser, steaming as fast as she can to the safety of the harbor.

The battleships are finally alerted but take their time to form line of battle in the narrow space available.

They cannot, however, weather the crossfire of six relatively intact Jackewlinese ships. Two of them retreats immediately, the other two change broadsides with the enemy main squadron and falls back after.

The Jackewlinese now send their airship forward. It sinks a badly damaged battleship and releases its remaining bombs on a second one. 
A total victory for the just cause. I deliberately rated the Veudeni ships to be inferior to see how much it matters in my 'Mesr Wars' house rules. The next thing I need is some magics to make things more interesting...


  1. What a great looking game András, great to see your creations take to the table.

  2. Interesting looking game and play test, an a fine, brisk narrative.

  3. Replies
    1. Now what about the Austro-Hungarian fleet? What sort of sea wizard would they employ?

    2. I was thinking of Tesla, but I think he is under copyright of Spartan Games :(

    3. For inspiration: