Nov 18, 2015

Purchase history, November

Although there are only three items on the list, they were sort of expensive together.
First, Fighting Sail rules by Osprey, already tested and very promising.
Then a 1/500 ship of the line model by Heller, scored on ebay because of the lack of other options. I'm going to use this ship as a prop for my 6mm games. Although there is a huge difference in scales, the ship might still be just a bit too big - in that case I will have to scratchbuild one. As a reminder, an amphibious operation type of game had been conducted some time ago on the Schultze-Böhnstadt blog, it's something similar to this I would like to achieve with the model.
The third purchase is for 'Jazygia 1996', for which I have completed another score of figures, but as they still lack any vehicles or armored support, I bought three cheap T-72 models from China, again through ebay.

In the meantime I have started painting up the 6mm figures, the militia and Highlanders only need a layer of varnish before I begin basing them, and then I can proceed to the French. I'm going to have to buy some Vallejo acrylic varnish because the metal figures don't take enamels very well. 

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