Nov 21, 2015

Allies of Calvacasa

Showing a dozen foot figures from the Strelets GNW Russian dragoons box. They will form a siege storming party in the Calvacasa Rebellion campaign. They are Glambrian mercenaries, a mixed bunch of fusiliers and grenadiers. 
The poses are quite odd, and I thought the fact that some are holding grenades could be useful this way.


  1. It's really too bad the Strelets folks have only a hazy conception of the human body; they make a lot of figures that no one else does, but an unfortunate number of their figures are, frankly, fugly. You did a great job of making them look good! Bravo!


    1. Thank you. Agreed, I have been a bit afraid to buy stuff from them but with the scarcity of Zvezda figures on the market and the cheapness of this set I could not resist.