Nov 16, 2015

Trouble Trebuchet

Oh no! The Vikings have a trebuchet! (Well except it doesn't work properly, but still, imagine a fierce combination of these bloodthirsty raiders and such a destructive tool of war!)

This is a large siege weapon constructed mostly of pine wood, the counterweight consists of a wooden box and some coins. It has a working mechanism and will be completed with gadgets to pull it to firing position and release once I'm getting past the slight trouble it has right now. The basket into which the projectile should be placed is a small piece of cloth and the thing falls out of it sideways when it is launched. It requires some more experimenting but I thought I would show you where I stand right now.

It is about 20cm tall so quite a big one.

The six 1/72 Zvezda Vikings are by the way totally unrelated and included only for scale comparison.


  1. Well done András, a fabulous piece of building.

  2. You know: I have occasionally thought of making a small working model of an onager using similar materials, with the motive force supplied by twisted string or twine. Never actually got around to it. I am very impressed with your trebuchet.

    You might want to experiment with a more solid missile basket - made of cardboard or balsa wood. I suggest three sides to it, only the side whence the shot is to emerge being open. Even if that doesn't work, it might give you some insights.