Sep 29, 2015

Complete Swedes

With these seven units, my 6mm Great Northern War Swedish army for Maurice is ready to fight on its own. If the esteemed reader takes a look at the Schultze-Böhnstadt blog, it will become clear that some blue-and-yellow contingents had indeed fought in various battles, but never without support from the other armies.
There are four cavalry wedges in the lot with ten figures each, and three infantry units, this time in karpus. I have cheated a little bit and added the Närke-Värmlands regiment with karpus on their heads and not tricornes. The red of this unit and the white of the Västerbotten regiment will add some variety to the rest - they are rather too uniform for a tricorne army. 

The figures had seen the standard painting methods employed: a black primer, colors blocked in, black shade, and the uniforms (and horses, nothing else) highlighted. This is a reasonably fast method, yielding appropriate results for this scale.

The hindrance of a 10-horse wedge is that every formation other than 'line' looks a bit odd. It never meant trouble in previous battles.

The varnish had become a little bit misty, which I will cure with another layer. Just barely visible enough to make me mad. Standards also need to be printed
I have not bothered to add grenadiers to every unit or split the command strips this time. Upon my request, Master Berry have reduced the command strips per pack from four to three. Guess I should have thought about that earlier - some infantry units in the other armies have two command strips.

And an aerial view of the whole host (minus one horse and one light infantry unit). This is about the strength they will appear on the battlefield. Seven units of infantry, eight cavalry and four guns which can be used as pictured, or combined to a battery. 

I think they look mighty fine, but they will have to wait for the old Russian foe to appear. Maybe some Poles/Saxons first? 
Actually, I have the next purchase planned, and it will not be the beginnings of a separate new army, rather additions that could be used for any one of the three. Once I have a moderate sized fourth army (and a large enough table), I can organize (and probably umpire) four-man encounters. But that's the future. By the way, all my PVA and static grass was used for completing this lot, so no "complete" figures for a while.


  1. Great job András, lovely to see them altogether in the final shots. You really get a sense of your undertaking and achievement.

    1. Thank you - the best place to see them is a field of battle, though :)

  2. This is some fine painting and basing.