Oct 2, 2015

Painting diary XXXIII.

Or 33, a nice round number even in Roman, the last post with such a title is from 26 December 2014. 
The sole reason these various 28mm figures are not completed is the one mentioned earlier, the fact that I have used the remainders of my PVA and static grass supply to complete the 6mm Swedes.
There are twelve Gripping Beast plastic Vikings, three Pro Gloria (Warlord) metal Landsknechts and a Hasslefree resin lady (shown here). I have added some highlights on the latter and will hopefully photograph her with the rest of the crew. The varnish has been misbehavin' again, but nothing too serious, only a touch more glossy than anticipated.

In October, I will first and foremost resupply the grass and PVA, then start a GNW Saxon army in 1/72. If I don't want to paint 6mm figures, that's fine, I'll also have to buy a large plasticard sheet again.

I have also updated the Rules page with the incredible four-page 6mm Skirmish title, go have a look.