Sep 26, 2015

6mm Skirmish

With limited time and space, I devised a little game suited for 6mm figures on a very small area. The area might have been just a bit too small, but the effect is the same. 
The game uses something very similar to Ganesha Games' combat resolution (1d6+modifiers both for attacker and defender), but fixed movement rates and no dice activation. I will upload the rules to the Rules page after a complete revision (which, if it happens, will happen tomorrow). As I go to work (and every other Monday to school) starting 8 in the morning, by 9pm I usually get tired.
I had finished the GNW Swedes by the way so expect a complete muster in a few days.


  1. This is the way I play: small quick crazy wild battles! With a little cool scenery for cover and a solid scenario, the sky is the limit. Nice work.

    1. I also thought about using an RPG engine and have more detailed attributes for figures. Pen and paper is fine up to a point, but this bit of physical evidence would make it much cooler.

  2. You are so ingenious András, always trying to find you ways to play.