Sep 23, 2015

GB Plastic Saxons

Or Seven Thegns on the Dead Man's Chest, or Six Sexy Saxons and a Seventh Sexy Saxon, or whatever you like.
These fellows have been ignored for a long, long time. They are part of an ebay auction score of which I have painted a few figures already. Now, with painting mojo gone for a while, I thought these rather simple designs and a reasonable pace could help me out a lot, and I would be done with them soon enough.

I enjoyed painting them more than I had excpected. The shields are hand-painted too. They had a black undercoat and gunmetal drybrushed on the weapons and chainmail. I've completed the rest with some simple colors, a black shade on everything, highlights and a second shade on the faces.
Next up is a bunch of Vikings from the same range, then hopefully I'll be able to finish basing the GNW Swedes.