Jun 20, 2015

Purchase history - June

I spent almost nothing in May. This month I finally received the money the uni sort of owed me. I'm pretty sure they miscalculated the sum but if I appealed again I would have probably seen it only in August.

So the list goes as follows:
1/72 figures: Imex Pilgrims, Italeri Indians for the pirate project. The pilgrims can be used as civilians throughout the 17-18th century, so they are pretty useful. The Indians can also be used to be just that, in my current plans they are Savage Enemies for the pirates. 
Mars copy of the Revell TYW Swedish cavalry, some issues with quality and copyright law as they are just that, straight up copies (crappily moulded), but a) they are available b) cost half of a Revell box that was last made in the 80s and the same sets circulate the market since then.

15mm: back to World War Two with Battlefront figures and tanks. I'm starting a new force, and this will be British. I have scratchbuilt some Maxims and mortars for the Red Army. So the list is:
One infantry platoon of 40 figs
A pair of Fireflies
I would like to expand on this in the near future.

The next month the funds will be cut, so I'm back to scratchbuilding - a TYW/ECW army and more pre-dreads in the first round. I'm close to declare July the Official Save Your Wargaming Purse Month.


  1. I'm very much looking forward to see you new tyw stuff, what will it be?

    1. In the spirit of hair pin armies, made of wooden sticks. I think it's closest to 6mm scale. Actually, my first unit is complete, a ragged spanish old tercio :)