Jun 24, 2015

15mm Sci-Fi: Finally Fighting

While we played with Lego models before, this was the first outing for my 15mm sci-fi forces. We fought two battles: one, a Stalingrad-type game that was a bloody win for the Darwinists against the Rebels with Orc weaponry (the DU had one artillery unit remaining on the entire table).

In the second game, a small Darwinist task force was sent to locate an ancient planetary cannon, but the area was swarming with Tree Monsters and a fight ensued. The Darwinists won by capturing the cannon, but had huge losses again.


  1. Absolutely wonderful to see a game unfold with your amazing scrath built forces.

    1. Thank you - I wish I'd made more photos, but it's hard to capture the key moments of a battle in these sort of skirmish games.

  2. Delightful looking game! Impressive scratch-building as always.