Jun 16, 2015

15mm Sci-Fi: Medium mechas

Put together this pair of scratchbuilt mechas. They're very menacing. One is Beta and has a death's head on its shoulder armor, the other is Lambda and has a very threatening blue flower.
They serve in the Darwinist Union's land forces. A medium mecha is very useful in Easy Sci-Fi because it has good firepower, defense and two or three hit points. Its hindrances are its low mobility and firing range. The Union uses them as support for their heavy mechs.

Anybody who can identify three or more parts (other than plasticard) wins two Internets. The little circular things on top are especially risky, so I can tell they're made of wood.

During the last week I was pretty much dead with a swollen throat that first infested my lungs, causing a bronchitis then my left ear, so now I'm eating antibiotics that could purge all of the bugs on an elephant. The exams continue. See you soon.