Jun 13, 2015

6mm GNW Swedish infantry

Four units of Varangians/Swedes for Maurice, in my standard 32-men composition. What I changed was the layout of figures per base as I included grenadiers on the flanks and split the command strip between two bases to have the flag more to the centre of the unit.
So while a standard ImagiNation infantry unit looks like this:

M M M M   M M M M   M M M M   M M M M
M M M M   M M M M   C  C  C  C   M M M M

the Swedes look like this:

G G M M   M M M M   M M M M   M M G G 
G G M M   M M C  C    C C  M M    M M G G 

(Grenadiers, Musketeers and Command, respectively). The Baccus GNW Grenadier pack is half strength, 12 strips = 48 figures compared to the 24 strips = 96 figures of the musketeers; I've cut up one strip for each flank of the main body. These grenadier figures were problematic, though, because they bend and break way too easily, something I rarely experienced with Baccus stuff before.

Anyway, painting was just the usual: grey primer, a very quick run with the basic colors, a dark brown shade made of black glaze and burnt umber, then a highlight on the blues. A single highlight of the main color (with a much brighter tone) improves the look of the units vastly.

The flags were taken from this site, printed then painted over.

I think the next units will have karpus hats but I'm not sure about pikes. Maurice has rules for them, well, some won't hurt.


  1. Great looking units, very nice job Andras!

  2. They certainly look impressive altogether, a great unit.

  3. As the others said, nice job!

    Pikes don't matter all that much: the Swedes gradually phased out their pikes (as did the Russians, for that matter), until by about 1718 (maybe earlier), they were gone.

    Best regards,

    Chris Johnson

    1. Thank you - it's less of an accuracy than a practical matter as I'd have to vary the strips/bases ratio even more. The bayonet made the pike pretty much obsolete as you could stab and shoot with the same weapon!