May 31, 2015

Piracy is a crime!

While planning my incoming birthday purchases, I converted a bunch of Zvezda GNW Russian artillerymen to fighting figures, and then they had become a group of pirates. I also managed to source Flashing Steel by Ganesha Games and the Osprey pirates rules, the title of which escapes my mind right now. I'm quite sure Flashing Steel will be perfect for smaller actions, while for larger battles I would use Sharp Practice - I'm familiar with the mechanics of both. Poor Osprey rules get ignored in my household way often, I had bought Lion Rampant for Kindle last year and never played a game of it since.
To the point, with my hectic style of completing projects and thinking too much about what to buy next, I began looking for affordable pirate ships and the results are inconclusive. While scratchbuilding is always an option, I was looking for something nicer... There are many Revell plastic ship kits sold in the local stores, but these are, as the magical Google shows, mostly ages old stuff with a shiny new box. I think I'm going to buy a Laser Dream Works ship and scratchbuild the rest. The other option is the Revell Bon Homme Richard, which would need to be converted and I'm not sure it would fit my needs. The LDW ships are more pricey, but would look much better with my figures. I still have the cutter I built, although I have to resupply the cannons as it was knocked over and they were not fixed on the deck.

 A scratchbuilt small craft, a cutter or 1.5-mast. A bit more sophisticated build than the previous ship.

A figure with an incomplete base and sans varnishing plus two greenstuff cannon barrels.

All I'm painting right now is this batch of sixteen figures, mostly of the Zvezda set; three of them are from the GNW Swedish infantry box. The exams continue.


  1. Always creating something and this looks particularly good, especially those cannons.

    1. Thank you - they turned out surprisingly well (and were easy to make).