May 29, 2015

Virtual Wargames

I'll be away from home more as the exams start. I don't have any of my wargaming-related stuff in the dorm, so I've begun to use Roll20 for a variety of games.

This is an 'Ancients' type of game, and is, in fact, based on an RPG campaign we played (but eventually stopped, which should not prevent me from moving the plot on and complete the story). 
The game itself is a heavily altered version of the Portable Wargame: Ancients rules. The units are different and have unique stat blocks (instead of varying type and quality). I also added a layer of complexity with command points for each General: these affect the number of units the General can move and the range of his orders.
I also have a 'city state' simulator based on a hex grid map which can be combined with the tactical element this game represents, although this latter one requires more playtesting and tweaking. 

This is a WW2 game with quite better visual properties: the units are from the Junior General site. The game uses different mechanics. It has an I go - You go system; units (usually company-sized) have individual 'target' scores and the attacked must score above this on a d10 to remove a unit's hit points. This base quality score can be altered by losing morale. Each type of unit has a unique shooting range as well. 
The rules are in Hungarian only, but as units have large amounts of hit points, it could not really be played on a tabletop anyway. The other two can be found under the 'Rules' page too.

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