May 4, 2015

Nova Hungaria - river shore skirmish

Song of Drums and Shakos was used to play this game with a slightly altered rule for the lieutenant's revolver.
A group of the Light Infantry company of the Vladislaus V is sent upriver on a reconnaisance mission. They are steaming aboard the freshly restored Weissland when a group of Agytpian warriors open fire on them. 

War Party Leader, Sword
Melee Warriors with sword x2
Western Agytpian warriors with modern muskets x6
Eastern Agytpian Native Guides x2

Eugen (sword only) and Joe (rifle) as acting pilots&guides
Weissland crew under a junior naval officer
Light infantry lieutenant with revolver
A platoon of a sergeant + 6 men

The natives open fire from the bush, but the ragged volley from the ship does not hit even near them.

Finally, the men score more hits.

Time to row ashore.

Another shot is heard and a man falls to the water, never to be seen again.

Eugen rushes the Agyptian sharpshooters.

The Lieutenant fires two shots and fells one of them.

The sergeant is wounded, he must be taken back to the boat. Another round of fire erupts from the jungle.

Eugen shouts out to Joe and he scores a perfect hit on the Agyptian hiding behind the tree.

The LT and the Agyptian marksman do it Mexican stand-off style.

Except a revolver can shoot more without reloading.

Cleverly disguising himself, Eugen climbs ahead, sensing trouble from that thick undergrowth.

The Agytpians step away while Eugen alerts the sharpshooters on the ship.

Another Agytpian is killed from the distance, this time by a grunt.

The LT decides to face off the enemy leader but receives the short hand this time.

The Agytpians continue falling back, clearly they did not plan this encounter. Eugen slashes one of them down, right on to Pvt Kőszegi's bayonet tip.

The last remaining one seems determined not to let the Imperials see something...

He's paying for it dearly. And behind the line of the trees, the group of soldiers spot [censored].

Notes on the game: the blanket I used has a weird color, but it distinguishes itself well from the blue river cloth. I intend to remedy this soon.
The Lieutenant's wheel gun was done in the easiest way: I kept track of the available rounds on a d6 and it took one action to reload a chamber.


  1. Looks good...and unusual!

  2. Very cool - I'm glad you clarified the ground/water color. At first I wondered why the boat was not in the water :)

    1. It's partly the camera flash, but yes, the 'grass' looks really weird. Maybe it will be more suitable for a sci-fi game with the blue foliage I have :)