May 2, 2015

6mm Varangian/GNW Swedish beginnings & star fort

The figs are actually the remainders of the previous Baccus SYW lot. I've had a lot of spare dragoons/cuirassiers as the standard pack has 45 and I only need 39 (12 riders on four bases +1 disruption marker). Some figures are from the SYW generals lot. I decided they would be the Drabant Corps for the GNW and fulfill a similar role in the imaginary Varangian army. 
The skirmishers could be just that or dismounted dragoons depending on the scenario.

The commanders are also from the SYW lot, the standard one CIC + two notables setup. 
I used a highlight over the shaded coat, which looks better than just leaving it so. I would like to do a touching-up on the complete armies as well, but highlighting 900 figures could take some time.

The fort is made of balsa wood pieces in a very simple way. It's based on a large plasticard piece and can hold two units if they are crammed in, and I believe some cannon could be placed to the corners even then.