May 6, 2015

Lord Moledurssan and retinue

During the Methorin wars in Jackewline, an equivalent of the medieval era, the four Jackewlinese clans were effectively ruled by the eight great houses. During the wars, two rival houses, the Moledurssan of the blue clans and Maered of the greens went extinct. But at the start of the war, House Moledurssan was going strong and they launched a large (in contemporary measure) offensive against the Green castle of Shailvascq.
I am currently gaming this small campaign using Inter Arma as the rules allow a super fast setup and play. I'm always playing out a story and allow the luck factor of combat direct it more or less. 

The retinue consists of multiple elements (that, with a little improvement, could pretty much make up a Lion Rampant retinue as well) and a further group of mercenaries (without clan alignment) will be added later. There are archers, knights, foot command, foot knights and henchmen. They're all Zvezda figures from their HYW boxes except one or two archers. 

All the painting and basing follows my standard methods of blocking-shading-highlighting, although  I must admit the blues turned out great.

Some freehand on the trimmed shields. In Jackewlinese heraldry, the greater houses (the Big 8) choose various native animals for their coat of arms - house Besberg (or Besbergeis) has the stork and Moledurssan the green toad. The blue clans' territory is largely riverlands and morasses, so they seem suitable.

Are you man enough to carry a tower shield to combat?

Every figure has some piece of blue clothing to indicate clan affiliation, the reasoning is that his lordship is wealthy enough to aid the crew's clothing.

And the less honourable but indispensable archers, mostly from the HYW set and I think one or two from the peasant army is smuggled in.