May 8, 2015

The Greyhounds

Lord Moledurssan hired a group of mercenaries for his fight against the Green clansmen of Shailvascq. These men are proud of not being affiliated with any of the four clans, and wear dark grey/black clothing to emphasize that.

The group is led by Ain of the Rattling Skull, a grim man but an effective field commander and brawler. His core unit consists of six heavy infantrymen with spear and halberd, and four crossbowmen and an archer plus his two 'serjeants', which is just a fancy word for the biggest, toughest men of the lot. 
But the company needs constant recruitment to stay alive, and free folk from the war-torn inner territories of Jackewline are too happy to join them for a little food and pay. The training for these men is their first battle - if they survive it, they will be promoted to battle brothers of their own right. 
The Greyhounds currently have seven raw recruits, four who think they could stand their ground in a melee and three with ranged weapons, an old bow and two slingshots. 

I did not highlight the metal parts this time and was generally careful with highlighting. The company thus has a more ragged look.

Some shields being shown.

And the whole bunch of invaders before their assault on the castle.