Apr 20, 2015

Nova Hungaria - SMS Weissland

The naval support unit for the penal battalion has two ships, the gunboat Maria Theresa and the paddle steamer Weissland. The MT was built long ago, but in the world of Nova Hungaria, the Weissland is the older ship. 

It is of a very simple design, originally made to carry goods up and down rivers.

A small crew can fit very easily on board.

And of course the hatches and the cabin's roof is removable.

Also built a pair of boats from paper and balsa that can hold 6-7 men.

A few photos of how the ship was built: blue foam sections with cardboard.

PVA'd and clad in paper.

Test fitting the deck and paddle casings.


  1. Very nice modeling. Stay dry.

  2. Good and serviceable. The small craft will be handy for amphibious operations as well: cutting out expeditions, raids on river and coastal forts, demolitions of various kinds... Great project!

    1. Thank you - I think I'm going to do a detailed write-up on the NH situation, but all of your points stand: in the jungle, rivers are the only roads so she'll have plenty of work to do.