Apr 22, 2015

1/4800 naval game

Took the Tumbling Dice 1/4800 ships out for a game, using Kiss Me Hardy. Despite looking a bit complicated at first (I think it was the same with other TFL rules), the rules play really well.
The Fricklander and Crontaineviller, both two squadrons, five ships strong overall, clash on an open sea. The wind favors the Crontaineviller (orange) fleet.

I was using a blue pillow case for the gaming area. The Fricklander crossed the T of the Crontaineviller line and two 74-gunners stern raked the leading ship. It took a severe beating before striking colors, like the one sailing after it. 

In the end two Crontaineviller ships struck colors while the rest rushed off the scene with the wind in their backs.

I used that big coin as a turning template, the basic movement was 4cm and dice for extra wind speed were d4s. The large frigates were classified as 64-gun third rates for the duration of the game.
I initially thought that larger engagements would be very complicated as each ship has its own sheet and stat lines, but it was not a problem with 10 (considering that a 50x60cm or so playing area was spacious enough, so I could spread out the sheets that were printed on a quarter of an A4 page).
Thus encouraged, I ordered a dozen more ships of the line from Tumbling Dice to play larger games. I'll also buy a piece of blue card, like the ones used for the spaceships.

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