Apr 18, 2015

Evil Agytpians

The remaining 31 figures from the Esci Muslims set. They are a various lot, some have Mosins but we'll just pretend they have muzzleloaders. 
I promoted one to a commander (given a larger base), the rest is an even 15-15 shooters and melee fighters.

The white undercoat - white clothes - quickshade combo worked on the previous batch, and they're not bad this time either.


  1. Hola
    MAGNIFICAS piezas is señor
    un saludo

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  3. Very nice. In their natural state (i.e. unpainted), the sheer number of different weapons, periods, origins, etc., in the Esci set is pretty hopeless, but painted up as well as you have here, they look great!

    Best regards,

    Chris Johnson

    1. Thank you - they can still be used for different things, but Nova Hungaria is indefinite enough that thair appearance won't cause trouble.

  4. Nice work on these, Andras. The staining/shading of the whites came out great.