Apr 6, 2015

More spaceships

First of all a battle between an invading Space Worm fleet and a forlorn hope Darwinist Union battlegroup.
Parents went to the city one weekend and as they had the advantage of the car's trunk and a good hobby/paperware store was close I asked them to bring these 100x70cm black card pieces. Very good for spaceship gaming. 

The Space Worms had the advantage in both luck and firepower so the fight did not last long.

Weird blue effect on this cruiser. I swear the camera didn't move!

The space worm swarm swarms the DU carrier.

These are the fighter squadrons by the way, three different types, all three can fill up one heavy carrier each (like the DU carrier pictured).

And these are the Legate space ships made from defunct lego, printer and clock pieces.