Apr 4, 2015

Space Worms Death Fleet

There are some days when you just want to build a Space Worms Death Fleet.

There's a large walnut tree on the neighboring parcel which reaches over the (otherwise very ugly concrete) fence. I've collected all the walnuts when they fell off the tree. The insides of most were eaten, either by the wildlife or us humanoid lifeforms. This also means I had the idea at least since November, but haven't gotten to it because I ran out of green stuff. Now I ordered a good amount, glued the pieces together and filled the space between them with GS. 

I found a way to make a paintjob ugly earlier: start with a bright orange (VGC Scrofulous Brown), drybrush with purple and then brown. The final pieces speak for themselves.

The classification is rather easy and is based on the number of segments.
One - Destroyer
Two - Carrier
Three, incomplete shell (also shorter) - Cruiser
Three, complete shell (long) - Battleship