Apr 8, 2015

15mm sci-fi: Tree Monsters

This is the army that was effectively made with no cost. I went out to the woods and collected a bunch of dry twigs. Based them, washed them with green and added a coat of PVA for protection and extra ugliness.
They are for 'Easy sci-fi' and are grouped as such:
Left corner - Medium 'mechas'
Center - Heavy 'mechas'
Right corner - Artillery
Middle row - four pairs of 'tanks'
front row - infantry teams.

Let's not forget the bright blue dots for advanced effect.

The infantry teams are set up at random, but they usually have three grunts + one of each specialist (anti-infantry, anti-armor and shield).

On a related note, more barky goodness on the finished base of the dreadnought. Used some pigment too.

Fun fact: 'Tree monsters' is actually an elaborate dick joke in Hungarian.


  1. I could make a joke about 'stick figures' (it had to happen), but I do like the concept! Very imaginative!