Apr 16, 2015

Nova Hungaria - Civilians

After the military men here are some various figures - mostly conversions - for the dark island.
Left to right:
Alexander Petrof - a mysterious man in the service of the Americans. Gossip tells about him escaping a Siberian camp and sailing to Japan on a row boat. Italeri ACW officer without a sword.
Lord John Flipperton - HM Queen Victoria's officer on leave. ID'd from Plastic Soldier Review as a part of the IMEX ACW infantry set. Had his forage cap removed and a pith helmet added.
Herr Balthasar von Flügernhoffen - a Prussian naval officer. Same set, same treatment.
Lady Margaret - Lord John's wife. Also has a revolver. Caesar Fantasy Adventurers figure with more cloth covering + hat made from green stuff.
Svetlana Ivanova - a Ruslander antagonist, from the Italeri Medieval Tournament lady figure, hat from the Napoleonic French staff, the rest is GS again. Modelled after a certain Prussian princess.