Mar 14, 2015

WW2 1/144 aircraft

Four Luftwaffe planes and a lonely Soviet Airacobra.

The Red Air Force is currently much smaller in number, but this will hopefully change. I used a brighter green and red on this one and khaki on the underside. For ground targets, I built a bunch of flat I-16 models from cardboard (but with a little tact I think I could manage to scratchbuild more).

All planes are undercoated white, blocked in with colors and washed with a thin black, the effect is quite good. I used a coat of PVA under the decals and when they were applied added some wear with drybrushing gunmetal on the wings and hull. I always paint the cockpit glass, for uniform look and the fear of messing up lining the frames if I left it transparent. If there was a detailed cockpit I'd probably leave it as is, but on these little planes there is no need.

The Fw-190 pair has got a grey-green camo and yellow tails. I rebased the previous ones too (you can find them with the 1/144 label) to fit in height and design with these. The Revell bases (transparent plastic and very easy to knock over) were insufficient and the Zvezda ones were a bit uncomfortable balance-wise, so I put everything on weighted (coin+plasticard) ones and dealt with the height issue by using the same skewer sticks I used for the pre-dreads.