Mar 17, 2015

Back to Jazygia (?)

 So I have received some money after all, and I'm planning to buy some 1/72 modern figures and play the long awaited (perhaps even forgotten?) modern Jazygia 1996 conflict. The possible rules are:

Force on Force
AK47 Republic
Chain of Command

or a homemade mixture of the three, probably named Force of Chains Republic (inspired by the relation between Jazygia calling itself one and its actual political agenda) and I am open to recommendations.

Why not the original 6mm? I have actually sworn a solemn oath that if I start a new period/project (whatever you call it) it will be in 6mm OR SMALLER, but allegedly there are a bunch of Revell (Esci rebox) Vietcongs in a hobby store in town and they are dirt cheap... Giving them a Jazygian look (a.k.a. a huge mustache) is also very easy. In other words, there are cheap AK-toting figures in the neighborhood and I want them.
The key to this plan is that there should actually be a stock of the fellows. Then I could buy some vehicles and the Jazygian army would be ready to roll (and invade innocent neighbors). A T-72, some other old Soviet armor, a truck, a BTR and it's all done.

About long waits, here is the Jazygian national anthem. I'm afraid I am quite bad with the harmonica, but you certainly wouldn't want to listen to the guitar version. It's just not Balkanic enough if it's not a harmonica or accordion. And on topic of that, the nation of Jazygia would be incredibly grateful for a proper accordion cover. Imagine that some Jazygian soldier is playing this by the campfire after many, many rounds of the local 'kumis', which is, in this modern world, an expression used by the good people for everything that has over 20% alcohol and is not made of goats.

Other purchases of the month will still be centered around the Eastern Front 'Wild East' campaign and include mostly early war armor, centered around the huge event of the siege of Pyotyograd. 
I also bought a Hasslefree figure because I'm a little bit bored of small scale stuff, and will probably finish two armies for the 15mm sci-fi project.