Mar 10, 2015

15mm ground targets, fences and ruins

The WW2 campaign is rolling on, and here's some neat stuff to bomb to pieces. First a cruiser/destroyer (depending on scale) and two 152mm howitzers.

They are scratchbuilt from balsa, a Zvezda BA10 (wheels), ice cream box, paper etc.

The ship's name is 'Derp'.

While building the pre-dreadnoughts a great amount of scrap balsa was accumulated, and I used these and some sugar to make ruined buildings and barricades. A great improvement to any table actually, not WW2 only.

Plus there are these match stick fences, suitable for anything between 15mm and 28mm. The hedgerows I have are a bit too tall for regular 15mm hedges.

I'm at the moment looking into larger scale WW2 games (Spearhead mainly) and Bag the Hun, so if and when I'll have enough dosh I will certainly buy some tiny stuff (6 or 3mm).


  1. You have so many projects going on at the same time, Andras! Nice to be busy.

    1. I'm actually quite focused this time... until the next idea comes along.

  2. great job, you have much ideas to realize what you need!
    well done.