Feb 25, 2015

Naval battle

A brief battle done two weeks ago to get in that naval mood for the big ships - since I've completed these small ones they saw very little action. 
The setting is still the Fleet Grey vs. Fleet Green world and new campaign events are unfolding:

Turn 9-10
FG BG2 sails out of Imnu Imi
FG BG1 reunites under Stut Polyde and continues bombardment
FS BG1 steams towards Regett harbor and reaches it
FS BG2 is on its way to the conflict, steaming south with speed, reaches FG BG1’s sighting distance in turn 10
A pair of old steamers with light armament and two destroyers are commissioned inside Regett harbor, join FS BG1 which is ready to strike again.

Turn 11-12
FG BG1 retreats towards Triad Isle, in comm. distance with BG2: BG1 heads SE, BG2 NE
FS BG2 keeps steaming to the south as the landmass hides FG BG2
FS BG1 advances on FG BG1 in fear of it raiding the southern ports,

Greens in an attack formation, trusting their superiority in firepower.

The heavier Grey ships form battle line to fire more effectively while the destroyers move out with the goal of countering the enemy light ships and launching torpedoes at the flagship.

A swirling movement commences with the Green flagship in centre, bombarded from multiple sides. A Green cruiser is sunk first but the concentrated fire decimates the Grey light units.

The Grey fleet loses all its destroyers and the commanding admiral decides to withdraw. The torpedo destroyer launched three out of four torpedoes but did not manage to score a good hit on the enemy flagship.


BB Aleksandr
CC Äre
DD Pumsli
DD Tarma
DD Öve-Erli
DD Tarma
DD Poseg
NC Trutu
NC Pagkeal


CC Balsam
CC Heret
DD Porfa
DD Skrapa
DD Patriota

Campaign result: FG BG1 retreats towards BG2.

This game is the straight opposite of giving ships individual attributes. They have a class of armor and firepower and that's it. No charts either. So if I wanted to field (sea?) all the little ships I could do it with relative ease. This is one approach to naval gaming, while the new rules I'm still testing will focus on individual ships with more detailed attributes.

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