Feb 28, 2015

Victory Without Quarter - TYW

In this struggle five Swedish regiments were trying to break an Imperial defense line. The ground was flat with a forest on the Swedish right and two hills on the defenders' side.
Both forces had five regiments of foot and two commanders. The Swedes had one unit classified as elite and two regimental guns while the Imperials had a heavy gun and a four-stand unit instead of the usual three. The Imperials also stood in a squarish formation, which, like the pike stand, allowed shooting in all directions with a reduced die roll. 
Army characteristics: the Swedes' opening salvo received a +2 on short distance instead of +1 while the Imperials could use a free 'maneuver' order each turn.

The Swedes advance and the guns level the earthworks .

The right flank still hasn't moved, they switch formation.

Casualties mount as the Imperial guns swing into action.

The redoubts are destroyed.

The elite Scots attack the large Imperial regiment and both suffer casualties but do not break.

Swedes advance on the right but there is a stalemate. 

The second Scottish unit does not aid the one bogged down with the melee.

The Imperials finally break and rout (exceeding casualty limit).

The Imperials on the hill start shooting at long range but do not move.

The reserve is brought forward and breaks immediately from cannon fire.

The right flank stands the Swedish onslaught.

The reserve moves back.

A fresh Swedish unit attacks the Imperial right.

An average morale roll.

On the Swedish right both opposing regiments are losing men and become tired but the fight continues.

Finally the Swedes get the upper hand but their morale is shaken...

The mighty defenders of the hill stand the enemy fire and manage to send the broken Swedes fleeing.

The Swedes have one intact regiment and one with two casualties and the imperials seem to outnumber them at this point, so they leave the field. As the Imperials were the defenders it's a bloody victory for them.

Notes: lethal dice. I knew all the rumors about 'non-professional' dice giving unbalanced 'random' results but rolling 5s and 6s throughout the battle was ridiculous, and a game should not rely on that. It's all right with attack/saving rolls, but I will gradually increase the score to pass morale, in the spirit of the original rules (a unit is more likely to flee than be destroyed).
Markers: I painted a number of markers for the game on plasticard pieces and these help a lot to keep track of what's happening.