Feb 23, 2015

The finished products

The pocket cruiser and Os'Rhai class battleship are ready to steam on the high seas.

I might make the deck a brighter color as this looks like a teenage mutant ninja turtle. I used a dark green (Revell make) instead of a black or white so it could be part of either navy should the necessity arise. This ship is a lot wider but shorter than previous cruisers and has a lower hull (6mm balsa instead of 8mm).

First of her class, the JRS Dirongarten, flagship of the North Fleet.

In the original plans I gave her the 14mm hull height (I'm working with a 6mm and 8mm balsa slate on all accounts), but as the second Veudeni battleship had a 16mm tall hull, I thought as a capital ship, the Os'Rhai class should have the same.

The ram was a nice touch, it adds a little extra to looks over the previous builds. Too bad it's so fiddly to make. The paper piece is actually almost invisible under the multiple layers of PVA, primer and paint.
Painting was, by the way, standard in methods, but I used a Vallejo Dark Panzer Grey for the hull and Wolf Grey for the bridge instead of the cream deck color. Also added a 3rd layer of white for a better shine.

And a little bit French-ness on the rear with the rounded shapes.

The rules for these beasts are under testing now and they are very detailed and unforgiving, something I very much prefer (especially when I'm the umpire, evil laugh). Building and painting-related posts will stall for now as I need to resupply, but fortunately there are other projects going on, as always.


  1. great result, you should be really satisfied!
    well done.

  2. Well done indeed, Andras !

    There's a good historical case for green, I've painted some of my Austro-Hungarian battleships that way and it looks good here too.

    1. Thank you, I'm OK with the green, the problem is the deck color there.

  3. These are really first rate models! you are building a very fine collection of pre-dreads!

  4. Nice and inventive work !
    in that so small scale, it's a performance !
    congrats !

  5. A great job, very nice details, and now...on the way to the ocean!