Jan 3, 2015

More 6mm SYW figures and scenery

These are the last units of what took the Schultze-Böhnsdadt and Union an dem Flosse forces to reach full strength. There will be 1-1 more light infantry units (or those just will be added to some other army) painted, there are 48 figures in a pack. 
The Böhnstadter already had a 'notable' marker so they only needed one, in this case the heroic Dietrich von Spülge. The Flossians were given two notables, so two of these + 1 CIC per side can be added to any game.
The Flossians lacked heavy cavalry, so their mounted units are cuirassiers (no difference in Maurice terms) while the Böhnstadter received three units of dragoons.

The S-B light infantry has yellow hat laces because the quickshade literally shaded all the difference between them and their opponents.

Another thing I'm noticing is that enamel varnish does not go well with metal figs, and as a result, many of the older figures will need some repair, probably with an acrylic finish this time. They are going to be painted on their bases (no chance of rebasing 650 figures) and when I'm at that I could as well add some highlights as I did on the officers (the rank and file is only a block+wash).

And some battlefield accessories, the trees generously offered by Ptr. The pressed cork coaster is a good visual aid as a plough field or rough terrain. The rest is scratchbuilt, the church and houses are made from paper and the stone walls from tiny strips of blue foam.

All of this, in the form of a battle report, will soon be featured on the Schultze-Böhnstadt blog.


  1. What an amazing group, you've certainly been very busy!

    1. Thank you - I was glad I could take some time and do hobby stuff.

  2. Very nice, Andras. I must say you make a fine case for this scale. Happy 2015!

  3. Many thanks and a happy new year to you too!

  4. very good job, an impressive army!
    happy 2015!

  5. Excellent painted minis Andras! I will try to paint one again this year!
    And thank you about the vallejo colour on my blog!