Dec 30, 2014

Purchase History - December

It certainly feels I had blown away a lot of money this month, but most was the cost of living as I'd spent two weekends in Budapest.
For Christmas I received the final elements of my SYW ImagiNation armies (and promptly finished them during the holiday).
I had also bought TooFatLardies' Kiss Me Hardy naval rules on a whim, 6 pots of various Vallejo paints and a hot wire cutter, then some glue and more glue.

Figures-wise, besides the Christmas loot and the ACW gift stuff from János I bought Zvezda's French Napoleonic staff set from a local store (one of the few that is still running). Trouble was it had two identical sprues instead of two different ones. I fished the Zvezda website for contact info and sent a mail to their "worldwide" HQ in Germany. 10 minutes later I got a reply saying they will be sending me the other sprue free of charge. (Footnote, this is how customer support should work.)
It's going to take the figures about four more weeks to arrive from the frozen lands of Moscow (the little sods will certainly be feeling like their real-life counterparts during the retreat)  so I'll start the new year with delicious free figures (OK, considering the figure quantity/price of the set it's still just a little bit on the plus side). However, if a 1/72 buff needs any figures from the 1st sprue, I'm open to the possibility of giving away/trading some. It's the upper sprue on this picture from PSR that I have a dupe of. I already used the grenadier figures but the rest is available. If someone would want grenadiers, I have a good deal of surplus from those of the other Zvezda box. Slowly but surely I will have enough figures painted for larger scale games such as Lasalle...

In the beginning of the new year, I would mostly like to do 15mm sci-fi stuff that includes scratchbuilding a Space Worm fleet and army, some Orcs and humans from various sources. I would also prefer a general budget cut that will hopefully be easy to achieve as I have still about five hundred unpainted figures. I'm also inclined towards doing modern/cold war stuff in 1/72, namely for 'Jazygia 1996', and already spotted some cheap T-72 tanks. Then there are the 17th century armies, I've long promised myself to buy the new Waterloo 1815 Ironsides set, and we've not spoken about 6mm figures... you get the picture.


  1. Sounds like you've got some great plans for the new year and December was an expensive month for me with travelling to see my parents - still it was worth it.

    1. The plans are great, the execution is dubious :) luckily my traveling expenses are still low.