Jan 6, 2015

15mm Sci-Fi: buildings and vehicles

A quick post to let you show my latest paint works (OK, the dreadnought was done months ago, I just kept forgetting to include it in a blog post). Some miscellaneous buildings, a Matchbox tank and a WH40k dreadnought that will be used as a heavy mecha. The infantry guy is there for scale.

The buildings are rather simple. Some boxes, tins and whatnot glued together and painted. The bullet dents on the tin are actual bullet dents, and the rust effect was achieved with an umber wash over a gunmetal surface.

The Matchbox tank was a lucky find I believe and the paintjob is acceptable. With the dreadnought I had some problems but in the end it looks acceptable. It was bough on ebay, originally a part of the Assault on Black Reach starter set and it was comparatively cheap (and a one time only sort of acquisition).


  1. What ingenious terrain solutions and the model are most certainly acceptable.

  2. I like the "recycled" buildings !
    the dreadnought is very nice and impressive !

  3. you used what you had and made a good job!
    well done.

    1. Many thanks, this project is very economic :)