Dec 26, 2014

Painting diary XXXII.

Hello and a late Merry Christmas to all the people of blogland. During the short (for me) holidays I had not been idle and completed this bunch of stuff that I posted earlier. 
This is the Ortosilian artillery train with two Gribeuval guns and a multi-purpose cart.

Ortosilian dragoons and commander with ADC. These Zvezda staff figures have a story I'll share a bit later on. Not much to see since the previous posting, the bases are completed and that's it.

30-odd figures, again for Ortosilia (although I'm not quite sure), inspired by Loki's painting of the forces of Berg, and again without complete bases. They're not very proper in attire (re historical accuracy) but that's why they're South Americans.

1st company, Vladislaus V Penal Battalion, based. As you can see this will be a large unit compared to my other things. The main infantry force of the battalion will be over 90 figures.

Not much detail painted on - used a quickshade only.

On to the odd bits, here are the beginnings of a scratchbuilt fleet for Schultze-Böhnstadt - a new conflict is coming. These are various merchantmen, ships of the line and frigates.

A scratchbuilt, old planetary defense cannon for 15mm sci-fi, made from toy tank bits, printer parts, plasticard and tubes that had thread on them. Also a .22 shell casing.

We had also played two games, one will go on the Schultze-Böhnstadt blog this time, the other will be submitted here.


  1. good job, a very interesting scratchbuild!

  2. An impressively eclectic collection there, András! Looking forward to seeing more from all of these!

  3. Many thanks - I hope I can finish some more figures soon.