Dec 21, 2014

6mm Ancients(?)

About 250 Baccus figures in this lot: 1 set of Hittite infanry (I think), 1 of peltasts, 1 archers, 3 chariots. The infantry boxes contain 96, the archers 48, the chariots 4. This was sort of an impulse buy two or three months ago and the painted figures had been lying around waiting to be based for quite a long time, and when I started completing the process I figured out some enhancement on the paintjobs was needed too...
I think the theme requires a little explanation as I have, in the grand scheme, about 0 Ancients figures. I'm running a Mythical RPG (it's been stalling for a while) using Swords&Wizardry. We created the world with Dawn of Worlds and in my games we focus on the human Riverland cultures and the Nomads of the Steppe. It is a shameless act for writing material. Once everything is fleshed out I will translate the rough 'script' to a novel and for this end we record every session. The characters started at level 5 and avoided real harm (even performed greatly when they were fighting the sole boss they come through so far) for a while now. 
The figures are for two armies. The kingdoms of the Riverland are at war with the invading city state of Hatti, the ones in the white/light grey are the good guys (e.g. the players are allied with them).

The chariots were not easy to assemble but they look OK: I decided to single base everything (the infantry on roughly 1x1cm squares) so I could play with unit strength when necessary. The movement trays will be upgraded at some point.
Originally I used a white undercoat and a sand brown on one lot and bonewhite on the other, then added a wash and thought it was ready... well you couldn't really tell the two factions apart so I went in for much brighter highlights and that worked. I added a highlight on the shields which had a great improvement on the looks. 
I did not care much about the bases, just some brown colors and a black wash. Maybe the trays will be brighter and I will add some static grass on them as well.

Another great use for 6mm figures would be assistance while playing the RPG. I have some large coaster pieces made of pressed cork and these would be great for a combat sandbox, I think I'll coerce my players for a game very soon :)


  1. Nice "impulse buy", Andras. They'll look even better once you base them to your style.

    1. Thank you, the good thing is if I'm not happy with the simple bases on trays I can still modify them to a higher standard.

  2. great adding, they look really impressive!

  3. That's an awful lot of tiny soldiers! I love the way that you have used colour to lift them, great job.