Nov 13, 2014

SBH games

Now I've had terrain and figures in luxurious amounts - it was time for some gaming. I settled with SBH as you could have guessed from the previous post - the core rules are very simple and easy to use. 
So we have had 3 warbands and decided that every team will fight both others.
Jackewlinese Knight's Retinue OOB
Mtd Leader
Mtd Knight
2x Crossbowman
3x Men-at-Arms
2x Armed Peasants

Foot Knight + Magician OOB
Foot Warrior
3x Archer
2x Armed Peasant

Bandit OOB
Bandit Leader
4x Bandit Archer
10x Forest Bandit

In the first game, my warband vs. the forest bandits, the two knights basically wiped out the whole thing while the infantry was lagging behind, the crossbowmen scoring a few kills.

This is the second, more dramatic battle around a cemetery where the more foot-oriented warband of my older younger brother (get it?) defeated the forest bandits again. Poor bandits, they should stick to robbing unarmed peasants.

The non-bandit leader was knocked off his feet 3 times in a row but in the end survived without a scratch. A magician was included in this list but it didn't do a single thing, just kept on going forward and was killed in both games he appeared in. Should have written a spell list at least, because it costs 40 points out of 300 so it should be at least as powerful as my crossbowmen.

These fellows kept shooting arrows at everything that moved, to little effect.

The poor magician in the left corner: the melee fighters, a warrior and a barbarian did a good job actually.

Finally the bandits rout after the foot knight kills their leader.

The archers sneak up on the hill and fire a few arrows after the retreating enemy.

I didn't take any pics for the 3rd game in which the two better warbands clashed: it was around a house on a hill that was surrounded with shrubbery. The magician was crap again and the rest was killed way too easily (the knights zerging the archers, the footmen zerging the leader etc.). It requires a lot of luck and a little tactical skill to play the game, but at least it is fun and quick to play.