Nov 15, 2014

South American reinforcements

Continuing with the repaint of the silly South-American nations, these are the 1st Tropezonian Rgt of Foot, the Royal Guard of Ortosilia, the Dragons Amarillos of Tropezonia and two Gribeuval guns plus some packhorses plus some generals for both sides.

Less to look at the Ortosilian side: General of Cavalry Don Simon Martinez riding his horse; four skirmishers in the French style to support the 1st Regulars; and six horsemen for the Royal Guard of Manuel Ortega, again in the French style (who would not like to copy those Guard Chasseurs). 
The chasseurs are from the Italeri Guard artillery and French staff set, the general is from the same; the voltigeurs are Zvezda and the guns are from the same Italeri set as the two chasseurs (very little difference in uniforms so they make up a good unit together with the other four).
Painting was standard in every possible aspect, the horses were glazed in black after the first two layers of VMC Burnt Umber. 

The Tropezonian contingent, a bit larger in size. The foot have been sitting on a painting tray for months now and I thought it was high time to finish them.

The whites are multiple layers, white primer - VGC Wolf Grey - white drybrush - black glaze - white drybrush - black glaze. Quite good I think. The two generals are painted standard, the packhorses just a quickshade over white primer.

This is a more complete regiment than the Ortosilian, having four companies, a centre, a flank, a grenadier and a skirmisher, varying between 4-7 men with different officers.

The Dragons Amarillos, a spectacular unit but wonder how they will perform on the field?

The photos turned out worse than I would have liked but at least they are done... Next up is a huge scratchbuild project so stay tuned!


  1. you have much imagination and great abilities!
    well done.

  2. Your photos look good to me and a South-American War project is both Random and Creative!

    Nice job!

  3. They are a colourful bunch, I am really enjoying this project.

  4. Love it. Silly South-American nations! I should never though of that! But I like the idea, so you can paint units in other colours as the historical correct uniforms! Great idea!


    1. Sure, with all the different Napoleonic uniforms I could even hit the correct colors.