Nov 11, 2014

Medieval warbands for SBH

I was in a medieval mood so I stripped most of my old collection and started repainting them. These are the first lot for Song of Blades and Heroes.

The great Knight and his retinue plus a lady from the Italeri tournament set. Actually there are only two crossbowmen (crossbows don't have any rules in my copy of SBH so I made up the rules for them). 
Knight (Leader, Mtd)
Knight (Spear, Mtd - a wrecking ball on the game table)
3x Men-at-Arms (Short move, halberd)
2x Crossbowman (Long shot)
2x Lowly Peasants (not good for anything)

I've spent a lot of time on getting the purple right, still not very contended.

These are the evil forest bandits, there are a lot of them but as it turned out later the strength in SBH is not in the headcount. These are a 'to be beaten' sort anyway - various elements from the Zvezda peasant army and Vikings boxes.
Bandit Leader (Leader)
5x Bandit Archer (Short shot, changed to Medium because it was pretty unfair)
10x Forest Bandit

Details on some shields.

My younger brother started painting also so his figures will appear in the following battle report.


  1. These look great! I've been playing SoBH myself and really enjoying it.I'm too lazy to go and get my PDF up on the screen - How many points are these warbands?

  2. Tremendous work, I love the shields and that purple looks good to me.

    1. Thank you - it did take a lot of work but it's not the best I've ever done.

  3. really good job, those details are beautiful!

  4. Very nice - they look like they'd work well for, dare I say, Lion Rampant :)

  5. I like the purple to. Nice work on these medieval figures!