Nov 1, 2014

15mm sci-fi: Darwinist Union Battlegroup

I have had some spare time and lots of unused models so I built a human force for One Page Sci-Fi. These are going to be part of a large campaign (hopefully), when all enemy factions are done, to test the campaign rules I have written. I've gone with a blue/grey pattern on everything: like the ships, the flyers have a blue main colour while ground units are mainly grey.

PSC Germans and some greenstuff makes the assault infantry. These have a simple grey undercoat - dark grey glaze and some blues added for the heavy weapons. The shields are Gripping Beast spares - they are actually energy shields, they soak up damage for everyone who's behind their base. After a blue undercoat and a darker blue glaze added, I used a brighter blue and scrubbed it off with a towel for this effect. The infantry is 6-men teams plus jetpack platoon plus reserve.

Hover tanks made of plasticard and PSC T-34 turrets.

A Revell(?) MiG-29 and Me-262 for air support.

Toy SPG and scratchbuilt hover MAPs (Mobile Artillery Platform).

Greenstuff and scratch parts on a green army man body make a medium mecha with shield and gun. Some bases have sand while some a very simple paint job, I got tired of adding PVA and sand to every base!

And OMG, what is that?


  1. You are on a Massive Creative Roll (MCR). Keep it coming!

    1. I've got one more post dedicated to the thing on the last photo, and then I'm on to something else!

  2. Man, I do like what you have done here - and Sci-Fi war gaming isn't even my thing! I'm particularly taken with those T34-turreted tanks - ideas there I might well take up for my 'Jono's World' project. And I would never have guessed that the mechanical began as an Army Man.

    I'd be inclined to call that ... no, not contraption, call it 'weapons system ... in the final picture, a 'Totalizator Tank'. Possibly this is the enemy's name for it. Meet one of these things, you can bet you gonna get totalized, dude!

    1. The space orcs are going to have some real Soviet armor, T-35s and KV-2s. I'm going to use something similar on the other army man conversions as on the mistery model - namely slashed up paint bottles for armor. About that one, though, everything will soon be revealed.

  3. really good use of old pieces!
    waiting to see more about the last subject!

  4. Your job is rich and full of imagination.
    I enjoy.