Nov 3, 2014

Giant Murder Mecha

You could see spoilers at the end of the previous post - now here the great murder mecha is in all its clockwork glory! I had asked at a previous scratchbuilt what you thought it consisted of, but this time it would be too difficult I believe - so I would like to grab the opportunity and tell in detail what I've used for this model:

A toy M1 Abrams hull
An old Airfix 1/76 T-34 turret
Parts of a Revell 1/72 Elefant TD
Ammunition storage from the Zvezda GNW Russian artillery wagon
A pair of wheels from a Chinese Sherman toy
Parts of an ink printer
Parts of an old mechanical watch
Plastic sprue pieces
Bristles of a plastic broom
A plastic ring from somewhere?
Pieces of Vallejo paint bottles (caps and the bottles themselves)
Shaft of an old brush
and, of course, lots of glue and plasticard.

The model is obviously a heavy mecha (very hefty indeed, it has some metal parts) for 15mm sci-fi gaming. After assembly, everything was undercoated black, then a dark grey block painting, glazing and drybrushing followed. The blue parts are supposed to be lighting effects, some techniques I'm yet to master - blue is the colour of Darwinist energy as you could see on previous works on the topic. The darker colour allows the mecha to be lent to other forces around the Universe - and their enemies shall tremble!

I imagine a separate engine powering the tracks and a huge turbine the upper body - the large front and rear gears are supposed to show that. The one in the front with the ring before it is also a shield or energy weapon.
I've also bought a 40K dreadnought off ebay this week that will have the same role as this one - quite different models to be honest.