Oct 30, 2014

Darwinist Union Space Fleet

The Darwinist Union is a democratic alliance of human-inhabited planets at the furthest end of the Universe. The humans reached there through a wormhole and began their rule on a small number of planet systems. The current regime tends towards an expansive policy and currently huge amounts of money and resources are pumped into the starfleet and the military. The fleet has a number of standard ship variants and as the navy's colour is blue, the ships are painted like that. 
26 ships made out of plasticard and match sticks - very simple designs but I imagine warships wouldn't look like Age of Sail ones - modern warships and planes have very simple, ergonomic designs as well. 
I used a black undercoat (sprayed on some, brushed on the majority), a mix of VGC Wolf Grey and VMC Prussian Blue, a blue glaze and brighter highlights - nothing too fancy. Some ships have cosmetic damage but this just gives them a war-torn look.

One ship is actually a freighter or command cruiser, these above are the military vessels. The DU likes this construction where the aft compartment is separate from the main hull - to avoid collateral damage when the engines are hit, no doubt.

L-R: Triarius battlecruiser; Controll heavy cruiser/carrier; Aquila cruiser; Nebe medium cruiser/carrier; Moriturus destroyer. The cruiser/carriers are sort of a surprise element, until they shoot or start deploying fighter squadrons, the enemy can't tell what they are. For fighters, I'm just going to use painted push pins, although Sławek has some good ideas about making your own little buggers.


  1. Your modeling and gaming with LEGOs was super. But, this endeavor to scratchbuild your space fleet is super cool. Have fun blowing up planets, asteroids, and alien intruders (Like the DU did)!

  2. interesting background-story! I like the fleet : simple but efficient !

  3. I love the look of the fleet you've managed to give then individuality whilst minting the appearance of a cohesive unit.

  4. very original!
    i like the final effect, your fleet is quite imposing!
    well done.