Jun 13, 2014

Madness! - or: More Ranting Instead of Actual Posting

During this summer I will be returning to another imagi-nation lot: horse&musket. Long-time followers of the blog will know precisely that all this started with my own ideas of painting 1/72 plastic Napoleonics. 
I have not played or painted these for a while. Partly because other projects came in view, partly because the experiment of a novel I've been writing about this fictitious conflict had got me into a huge writer's block. Seemingly I'm better in short prose and poems.

When I began, I did not have any formed ideas about Imagi-Nations and the sort. It was an excuse not to follow historical patterns. These can be fun, but sometimes they're too much of a limit. Especially considering my painting habits. This is one reason I like the TYW period for: the uniformisation, if any, is not limiting. Sure, I went over my ECW figures with the same color, but that is, again, a small convenience.
I have to agree with János' earlier post that the Napoleonic period allows a lot of options, and probably even more freedom to Imagi-Nations than the tricorne era.Tricorne Imagi-Nations are part coincidence and part tradition - no mistakes, I like the idea and even have my own. Again, by my part, it was totally unintentional to begin my painting and gaming career with the Nappies.

To the point: I have since used these figures for different matters. The Yellow clansmen were painted proper as GNW Swedes. The same applies to the dragoons that I am yet to finish. The rest, however, remains painted to a level that I can easily surpass now, even with a block-wash-highlight process. The very first sets are still a white undercoat - block - wash - gloss varnish mess. Which looks old school and classy, but does not match with the others well. These veteran figures will be stripped and re-assigned a role in a 19th century Imagi-Nation. A South American-ish thing is a possibility too. Lots of pulp and lots of rivalry.
I have about 500 figures, foot, cavalry and artillery. Some I won't need, some I won't repaint. With a little boosting (cavalry added) these would make two fine little armies. As during summer my resources will be somewhat limited, this seems an excellent occupation. Rest assured, I will be continuing the other projects as well.
On the positive side, shall I ever return to the Jackewlinese War of Independence (which would require a lot of re-writing), I still have the means to play battles on my computer or use proxy models.

This, on the other hand, affects the hoard very much. How much exactly?

Italeri Austrian Grenadiers & Infantry 48
Italeri Russian Grenadiers 50
Italeri Austrian & Russian Staff 39
Italeri French Imperial Staff 21
Italeri French Dragoons 17
Italeri Prussian Cuirassiers 34
Italeri Scots Greys 18
Zvezda French Imperial Old Guard 39
Zvezda Nap. French Voltigeurs 40
Zvezda Nap. Russian Grenadiers 46
Revell Nap. Prussians 42

A total of 394 figures. I don't want to repaint the cuirassier cuirassiers (the Prussian cuirassiers are not armored), nor the old Airfix figures. Could I paint through them and in what time?

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