Jun 11, 2014

Model Hobbies, Act #41341

After trying in vain to contact Model Hobbies by mail a thousand times, I have called them on phone last month, confirming twice that I wanted to cancel my order they'd been sitting on since October. If I read the Distance Selling Regulations correctly, they had 30 days to comply. The first call has been made on the 13th of May and my order has the same status still, the 32 pounds paid for it not refunded. 11/10 customer service I'd say, but wonder if they will comply at all, and if not, what actions can I take?


  1. Sorry about this nightmare.

  2. I had two successive problems with them and decided never to use their services again.

    There are plenty of other alternatives out there thankfully.

    1. I had ordered from them before and it was delivered very fast for a reasonable price and p&p. But this is too much, and you're right, never again.