Jun 18, 2014

Beginning of a war

Fleet Grey objectives

Strategical goal: win local conflict to ensure expansion on the colonies Ar-Sülüm: secure Three Lands and defer Um-Nuki expansion towards Bloto Peninsula.
A preventive war with limited forces that relies heavily on the reaction time of the Um-Nuki fleet.
Navy: Capital ship Arkbalatus; 1 cruiser squadron of 4; 1 battlecruiser Ars-Visonta; 6 destroyers; 1 sub Kalamar; 1 LC Is-Irmis

Fleet Grey Battlegroup 1.
CC Balsam
CC Heret
DD Porfa
DD Skrapa
DD Patriota

Loc: Sea of Twins
Goal: blockade Stut Polyde until reinforcements arrive; capture or destroy oil rigs in area

Battlegroup 2.
BB Arkbalatus
CC Freg
CC Rosa
LC Is-Imris
DD Porfa-II
DD Semru
DD Parfis
SUB Kalamar

Loc: Imnu Imi
Goal: Secure first wave and provide oversea dominance.

Battlegroup 3 (forming)
BC Prater [4] – Imi Bloto - Commenced
BC Flossa [4] – Imi Bloto - Commenced
CC Samir [3] – Tulatet -
CC Alte [3] – Tulatet -
CC Brusli [3] – Tulatet -
DD Palap [2] – Veres Balat -
DD Potep [2] Veres Balat –
DD Parmacil – Isil Kekete -
HC Granicus [5] – Isil Kekete –

Goal: Reinforce first and second waves.

Campaign Diary
turn 5.
FGN Battlegroup 1 captures two oil rigs and begins bombarding Stut Polyde after a declaration of war.
FS Battlegroup 1. is stopped outside Regett Harbor and is informed of the ultimatum.
FGN BC Prater and BC Flossa are completed in Imi Bloto. They are heading to a central port to catch up with the rest of FGN Battlegroup 3. when they are finished.

turn 6.
FGN Battlegroup 1’s Destroyers return from the rigs and form a perimeter around the besieging heavy units.
FS Battlegroup 1, while trying to encroach Regett Island, is caught up in a storm and is unable to move the next turn.
FGN Battlegroup 2 advances on Polyde Island.
News reach the other two Green battlegroups that the war has begun. It takes one turn to mobilize them.
The rest of FGN Battlegroup 3’s units are completed and are on their way to Imnu Imi.

turn 7.
FGN BG.2 sends a recon plane eastwards and sights FS BG.2. While BG.1. is occupied within Stut Polyde, BG.1. will take the fight to the Greens.
FS BG.2. is still forming after the storm has shattered their lines.
FGN BG.3’s cruisers reach Imnu Imi.

turn 8.
FS BG.2 forms up for an attack.

-Battle of Polyde Bank-


The Greens had an advantage in cruisers while the Grey fleet had a light carrier. The Greens were opting for a linear formation to unleash constant fire while the Grey fleet was more of a wedge.

It soon dispersed as the different ships looked after different targets. On the Grey right the destroyers fought each other, on the left the carrier's escorts tried to prevent the Green attackers from reaching the Is-Imris.

The battle line is formed and bombarding from close range begins.

The first casualty is a Grey cruiser.

Flyers from the Grey light carrier set a Green cruiser ablaze.

Then soon a second one is destroyed.

And then a third in rapid succession.

At this point the Green fleet opts for a retreat and sails back from where it came from.

FGN Battlegroup 2.
            BB Arkbalatus 1
CC Freg
CC Rosa 1
LC Is-Imris 1
DD Porfa-II
DD Semru
DD Parfis
SUB Kalamar

FS Battlegroup 1.
BB Aleksandr
CC San
CC Bos
CC Kvalmiqaq  - Salvageable
CC Äre
DD Pumsli
DD Tarma
DD Öve-Erli

FS BG.1 retreats southward.


  1. I do like the look of this, it reminds of all those great WWII movies.

  2. Naval stuff isn't my thing, but it looks like a great game! :-)

  3. good report and good images!
    i like the explosion effects.

  4. It really is time I finished off the aircraft for my 'Jono's World' fleets - the ships are all done - and played out a battle.... I'm still thinking about what to use for a rule set. What do you use?

    1. It's my d8-driven house rule set. You can find it on the Rules page.