Apr 20, 2014

Orion Cossack Cavalry + Help Wanted

Two boxes of the Cossack cavalry made by Orion. I made the distinction between the two groups by alternating the main color, one is blue and one is red. These have been sitting primed on their tray for quite a long while but now they are done.

The poses are very nice but there were a lot of flash.

Instead of painting the figures and horses separately, I glued them together. Besides the drybrushing leaving some spots on both ends, there was no trouble with this. The riders are sitting very tightly in the saddle so I feared that the extra layers of paint between them would be damaged when assembling.

I used a black glaze as quickshade again with tolerable results.

Now on to the "help me pls" part. I have letterbombed Model Hobbies again and they still do not answer. As I strongly suspect an international call would cost me about as much as they are sitting on, I'd like to ask someone from the UK to give them a call and firmly declare that the order is cancelled. Chivalrious people, please contact me on google+ +András Szilvásy, in the comments below providing means for private communication (as I believe I must tell the account and order number) or on my e-mail address: Gmail claymore(dot)genius(dot)042.