Apr 23, 2014

A Call to Arms Royalist Infantry batch #1 (Red Regiment)

As was suggested by the previous post, I'm back to the pike&shot era. To this end, I've collected three boxes of A Call to Arms ECW sets, all from the Drum&Flag ebay store. Very good service. 
To have some distinction between the troops, one lot has red as the main color and the other has green. Both are finished now, but lack standard and commands. With the musketeers from the command set, the musketeer 'wings' will be manned up to 12. Now they are 10-10. The box originally had a 1:1 pike to shot ratio, but I converted the four pikemen standing on guard to harquebusiers.

This time I had not highlighted the plate armor. Better leave it a little bit dirty.

The red color is always a challenge, especially on a black undercoat. I have used VGC Gory Red as a first coat, highlighted with VGC Bloody Red, then came the quickshade (black glaze) and another highlight with Bloody Red.

The bases are painted Revell Dark Earth again instead of VMC Flat Earth to suit my other figures.